Sterilisation Drilling – Waste Rock Emplacement & Tailings Storage Facility

In recent weeks, exploration drilling activities have recommenced on site in and around the proposed open pit area. This activity is drilling deeper than previous programs in order to further define the extent of the mineral resource.

Further to the above, as part of our draft mine infrastructure planning we will also be conducting a sterilisation drilling program (drilling to prove there is no mineralisation underneath) in order for us to plan where we locate future mining infrastructure. In particular, this program is testing the areas planned to house waste rock emplacements in Price Gully (east of Maloneys Road and north of Pyangle Road) and also the tailings storage facility (north east of Bara-Lue Road). Drilling techniques will be a combination of diamond and reverse circulation drilling.

It is expected that these activities will commence in the third week of November 2017 and will be conducted over a period of approximately 2 months. Exploration drilling will continue to operate after this time.