Work with Us

We are seeking applicants who have an interest in pursuing stimulating and challenging careers with the Bowdens Silver Project. We support a culture of respect, equal opportunity and diversity and are committed to developing and maintaining strong environmental practices and respect for the communities in which we work. 

All successful applicants will be committed to Company’s Work Health & Safety practices.

At Bowdens Silver we support a culture of respect, equal opportunity and diversity. Through strategic development and a commitment to excellence across all areas of our business, we will turn our natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development.

We promote a culture of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) across all areas of our project. We pledge to support each other effectively as a team, to value clear communication and guidance, and to encourage and facilitate the further education of all team members. In conjunction with being early adopters of innovations in health and safety practices and legislation, will will strive to stand out as a zero-harm workplace and an example of excellence.

Open Positions