Community Consultation

Building and maintaining strong community relationshipscommunity

Bowdens Silver engages with the local and wider community in the following ways:

  • Face-to-face meetings with stakeholders including residents, community groups and relevant government agencies.
  • Community Open Days to update the wider community on our ongoing developments and activities.
  • Open and informative discussions at Community Consultative Committee meetings to ensure relevant information regarding project updates and stakeholder and community feedback is delivered and considered by all parties.
  • Support for local industries and businesses, local community development programs and sponsorship initiatives.
  • Active educational and academic programs and sponsorships at primary and secondary schools and also tertiary institutions.
  • Newsletters will be available both online and by post.
  • Most of our staff are local and all employment opportunities will be advertised locally.

Information regarding landholders and community can also be found on the Department of Industry, Resources & Energy website,

Community Consultative Committee

A new Community Consultative Committee has been set up in conjunction with the Department of Planning and Environment.

The next meeting of the Bowdens Silver Project Community Consultative Committee is scheduled to be held on 4th of May, 2022.

An archive of the previous Community Consultative Committee meeting minutes can be found here.

Committee Members

Mr Darryl Watkins (Independent Chair)

Mr  Tom Purcell (Bowdens Silver Pty Limited)

Mr Blake Hjorth (Bowdens Silver Pty Limited)

Cr Robbie Palmer (Mid-Western Regional Council)

Mr  Phillip Freeman (Member)

Mr Bradley Bliss JP (Wellington Valley Wiradjuri Aboriginal Corporation)

Mr Mick Boller (Lue Action Group)


Ms Sonia Christie (Member)

Mr Tom Combes (Member)

0428 736 416

Ms Sally Dryburgh (Member)

Mr John Lydiard (Member)