Our Farm

Our Farm

The Bowdens Farm is an important part of our project. And just as farming and mining have co-existed in New South Wales for over one hundred years so it will continue to do so at Bowdens Silver.

We currently have approximately 1,000 hectares on which we run both Merino sheep and Black Angus cattle. We have an emphasis on sheep as the land at Bowdens lends itself to the traditional category of the district—fine wool production.

Our land varies from gullies of heavy sandy loams to fertile creek flats and large areas of rocky hill country. Our stock graze on a mixture of natural and improved pastures. As many local farmers will know, grasses in this area tend to be of poor nutritional quality or unpalatable to stock, so an important part of our farm plan is to maximise the number of hectares of improved pasture through careful management of the different grass species and weed eradication. We have also commenced an active pest eradication program. Future pastures are expected to be based on mixtures of cocksfoot, phalaris and digit grasses, with annual and perennial legumes such as clovers and lucerne.

As farmers, we understand the importance of water quality. All our stock drink from dams and creeks which run through the Bowdens Farm. Regular water quality testing is carried out. If you’d like to see where we currently run water quality tests please visit our environmental monitoring map.

In order to see our farm continue to succeed and grow, we seek innovation relevant to our land, we monitor our performance, the climate and markets, and combined, this information allows us to make the right decisions for the future.


At Bowdens we’re serious about our farming, not just our mining.