Show your support for local jobs and investment in the Mid-Western Region

The Bowdens Silver Project is a step closer to creating hundreds of jobs and business opportunities for communities across the Mid-Western Region after the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) assessed it as in the public interest and approvable subject to conditions of consent. The DPE has referred the Project to the Independent Planning Commission of NSW (IPC) for final determination.

We need your support to make it happen.

As part of its decision-making process, the IPC is seeking the views of the community through written submissions and public hearings – this is your chance to tell the IPC why the Bowdens Silver Project is important to you and your community.

We know the Project has a lot of supporters in the local community and by making a submission to the IPC, your voice will be heard.

Have your say in public or in private

Making a submission is quick and easy. Simply head to this link and follow the easy steps.

Your submission can be as long or as short as you like and it’s important to know that you can make a public or private submission. Public submissions will be published on the IPC website. Private submissions ensure your name, address or business details will not be published or publicly available. Submissions need to be received by the IPC no later than 5pm, Friday 24 February.

Show your support at the public hearings

You can also register to speak at the public hearings, which will be held at Mudgee Showground Main Pavilion on 15, 16 and 17 February. Speakers can attend in person in person or via online videoconference or telephone. Registrations close at 12pm, Wednesday 8 February. For more information about speaker registration, click this link.

Helpful Resources

The Bowdens Silver Project Overview Brochure contains further information about the Project and the benefits it will deliver.

If you need help making a submission or registering to speak, please contact our team at or on (02) 6373 6420.